Copier Repair

A copier breakdown can grind business to a halt. More than just a nuisance, it can disrupt critical business functions at the worst possible times, resulting in downtime your company cannot afford.

At these critical times, you need a copier repair service provider you can count on. You need Copier Depot.

Copier Depot is pleased to be Austin’s longest-running, most trusted provider of commercial copier repair services.

Our Team Has Extensive Experience Servicing the Top Major Brands of Commercial Copy Machines
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We do provide copier repair services for other copier manufacturers. However, a consultation is needed prior to any kind of service commitment. 

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Our Copier Repair Services Feature
  • A four-hour average response time.
  • As little as one-hour response time in an emergency.
  • Trained technicians with over 100 years of experience in cutting-edge commercial copier mechanics.
  • An A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Go Local for Cost-Effective Copier Repair

3 multi-function copier / printer systems.When machinery breaks down, it can be hard to know who to reach out to—the manufacturer, or a local dealer.

When you choose Copier Depot, you choose a local dealer with the highest regard to customer service and a commitment to excellence in copier services. Plus, we can deploy repair technicians much quicker than the manufacturer, often at budget-friendly prices.

We also maintain excellent relationships with copier manufacturers, meaning we usually have parts on hand and don’t have to wait for the manufacturer to send them.

We can also reach out to the manufacturer if we encounter a problem we have never seen before and get priority service as an authorized dealer.

The breadth of knowledge possessed by a Copier Depot service technician is more than enough to attack the most common problems that commercial copier machines face, including but not limited to:
  • Lines on the page. Before calling a service technician, try thoroughly cleaning the glass to remove any foreign materials. If this doesn’t help, the problem could be with the drum blade and professional repairs may be needed.
  • Paper jams. Check your paper size and loading technique. If both are fine, the jam could be caused by a number of problems. You will need professional diagnostics. Give us a call.
  • Wrinkled pages. If your copier produces crumpled or wrinkled pages, the feeder rollers may be worn out and need to be replaced by a professional. Call copier depot for prompt repair service.
  • Light print. If your print is not dark enough, it may just be a problem with the output settings. Check your settings—you may be able to darken the print yourself. If not, the toner may need to be replaced. If neither of these fixes help, professional service may be required.
  • Spots on pages. Debris or foreign objects on the glass are usually the culprits for spotty pages. Clean the glass thoroughly. If that doesn’t help, give us a call and we’ll have someone out there to look at it, usually the same day.

Our commitment to service and devotion to our neighbor businesses in Austin sets us apart.

Don’t let business shut down as you struggle with a malfunctioning copier. Call, email, or submit our form.

Trust Copier Depot, cutting-edge providers of fast, affordable, and expert commercial copier repair services to Austin, Texas, since 1984.

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