The 3 Best Office Copiers for Small Business

two employees of a small business using the office copier machine.

A recent study found that an average worker prints approximately 10,000 pages annually; now, that’s a lot of paper. Companies should ensure the printer they purchase be long-lasting and have efficient tools built-in.

At the Copier Depot, we investigated the best printer for your company and for your convenience, we’ve prioritized cost, efficiency, and the need to be user friendly. That way, your company can print pages quickly and easily.

Now read on about the best copiers for small businesses:

Ricoh IM C2500 small business office copier

1. Ricoh IM C2500

This bright touchscreen printer starts our list at number one due to its efficiency. It can print up to 2,300 pages, which is the same amount a medium-size copier can print. It also prints up to 11×17 Color impressions.

With this printer, you can print pages directly from your tablet or smartphone. It’s compact and robust footprint is perfect for a small office or home office that needs business-class printing solutions.

Unlike other multifunction printers, this one is very cost-efficient. After all, most multifunction laser printers cost between $2,000 to $3,000. However, this little machine usually cost around $1,000.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C458 small business copier

2. Konica Minolta C458

This tablet-like copier has some of the highest image quality for printing on the market. If your company specializes in marketing or even photography, you’ll definitely want to purchase this printer. With extremely fast duplex scanning, this copier can scan a whopping 240 pages per minute!

In fact, with its flexible finishing, printing booklets and z-foldables are easier than ever. This is the perfect copier for medium to large size business or 20+ person work-groups.

Konica Minolta C658 small business copier machine

3. Konica Minolta C658

This printer has a commercial-grade production system that’s perfect for high volume printing. If your company specializes in advertising, you’ll want to choose this copy machine right away.

Customizable finishing options make this system perfect for marketing material, booklets, and brochures. With this copier, you don’t have to rely on a set template; instead, you can create pages however you want to.

Your organization will reek the benefits of printing from mobile devices, user-friendly touch-pannels, and not to mention, up to 2 x 7 copy functions.

This system has a maximum paper capacity of 6,650 sheets making it ideal for large work-groups (40+).

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Small Businesses Copiers

Choosing a printer can be challenging; after all, there are many to choose from and at various price points.

If you’re looking for a compact printer that’s easy to use and works efficiently, make sure you choose the Ricoh IM C2500 for your organization.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty printer with more customization options, choose the Konica Minolta C658.

These printers offer the best features for any business. In fact, they can even be labeled the best copiers for small businesses due to their print and copy speed, customization preferences, and the ability to print on the go.